Thursday, September 23, 2010

I've been crawling on my hands and knees again

My Branching Out scarf (Ravelry link) has now been soaked, stretched and pierced by more than 200 headpins. Ouch. My back feels it too! I used my parents' upstairs floor for blocking (just like last time), as it has a fixed wall-to-wall carpet the headpins can grip into nicely. My laminate flooring just doesn't do the trick. And I need my bed for sleeping, thank you. ;)
Looking pretty good right now, if I may toot my own horn a little. ;)
Check back in a day or two, and I'll have some hero shots of this beauty ready for you.
- FYI. This is actually a straight line. I promise!
The headpins came from a dozen or so packets and are all of different length...
Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. Hvorfor legger du det sånn på et håndkle med nåler?

  2. Jeg legger det i kaldt vann og strekker det ut litt når jeg fester nålene. Når strikketøy tørker utspent på denne måten, så blir mønsteret mer synlig. Dette skjerfet ble ca 40% bredere etter blokkinga. Hvis du tar en titt på de to siste postene av Jeanie-sjalet (september 2009), så vil du se en kjempeforskjell før og etter blokking der også!


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