Saturday, November 13, 2010

Easy winter mitts

A while back I made these and I suddenly realised that I haven't blogged them yet. This was a simple little project from an easily memorised Pickles recipe, made with some leftover yarn. They have been slightly felted - I actually made another pair first, that came out absolutely tiny! They are seriously warm, so we'd better get a winter like last year's if I'm ever going to use them... ;) Details are, as usual, on my Ravelry page.


  1. Fine votter!
    Lurte på hvem som hadde tatt bilde av hendene dine, helt til jeg så at det bare er en arm... :P

  2. Haha, good one Eva!

    Btw. jeg ønsker meg kjærstevanter til bursdagen... (nei, jeg har ikke kjæreste, men det kan jo tenkes at jeg en eller annen gang får det, igjen...)
    Ps: Tusen takk for det fiine kortet! :)


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