Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pink and grey Fairy Flora

The Prima Fairy Flora 6x6 paper pad found its way to my shopping cart the other day... I've been eyeing it for long time online and just couldn't fight it anymore. ;) It's been a while since my last pink card I think? Usually I use browns or greens with pink, but the pink-grey combo is actually really awesome. Once the ribbons got stuck on the card I struggled a little to make the layout work, but this is ok enough I guess.
The only thing I knew I wanted to do when I started this card, was to use those two satin ribbons from Stoff og Stil. Gorgeous colours! The grey one was put on as is, but the greyed pink one got some special treatment. I did a simple running stitch with three strands of thin silver thread and pulled it to create the wrinkly look, and then just glued it down along the midline.

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