Monday, January 10, 2011

26/52: Half-way there

I had a celebratory "26 down - 26 to go" picture in mind for this week,
but hey, who wouldn't rather see backlit snow flying off a shovel? :P
Some thoughts at the half-way mark:-
First: Wow. Half-way already?? *slaps forehead in amazement*
Well, duh. Time flies, so what else is new? ;)
Second: My attempt to follow a set theme - "everyday life" - is a limited sucess.
Pretty scenes and landscapes are easy fallback themes, but not really my intended focus.
Stay on topic. Beauty in the ordinary, remember?
Third: Too often I find myself scrambling to get a decent shot before the light fades on Sunday afternoon. This isn't supposed to feel like a chore.
Photograph something every day. Even if it's just a dust bunny.
Fourth: My expectations are high as usual, and my desire to create radically original, gorgeous pieces of art on a weekly basis, is probably a bit exagerrated. :P
Relax. Improving my photography skills is only one of several goals in this project.
In conclusion: All in all, I feel somewhat satisfied with the progress of my first ever Project 52. There's definitely room for improvement, but that's the main point here anyway! There are still 26 weeks left before the project is concluded and plenty of time to work on my skills. I find myself going through the set of photographs now and then, just looking at them, and that has to be a good sign. Right? :)

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