Saturday, January 1, 2011

Colourful slippers

Ahem... guess what? More slippers! :P Now, to be fair, I did warn you that I had made quite a few of these for christmas this year... ;) I suppose I could have put them all in one huge post, but the first one seemed so long that the rest needed to have their own time in the spotlight. These two pairs are the last you'll see in a long time, I promise.
Above: The lovely, smooth outside. Below: The cool, funky inside. The slippers are completely reversible, so the recipients can choose which side they want to show off!
After six pairs of grey slippers I decided it was high time to bring in some bright colours! This first pair was made for my sister in law and I think the colours fit her well. They are quite dominant in her paper crafting anyway... :P The second one is for my grandmother, who finally got something other than chocolate from me at christmas! (What do you give to grandmothers anyway?) I hope she finds these useful.

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