Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Purple wrist warmers

I had some leftover yarn after the purple knitted slippers for my sister in law, and decided to throw in a pair of simple wrist warmers as well. Anything to get rid of as many yarn leftovers as possible, right? :P I weighed the yarn before starting so I could use as much as possible, and in the end all I have left is a couple of meters! It was a bit scary to almost run out of yarn as I neared the end of the second one... ;)
I used no pattern for these, just did a simple 1x1 rib, changing colours every second row. The ribbing makes them very elastic and snug-fitting, while also providing some extra warmth. The recipient is considerably slimmer than me, so there will be less of the stretching effect you see in the first picture. Even so, these still feel comfortable on my own wrists.
An asymmetrical increase provides room for the thumb. Making the increase asymmetrical was a choice I made to create a better fit, but forced me to do some hard thinking when making the second wrist warmer... :P The picture below shows how that decision also creates a very smooth outside without any seams or colour shifts.
Details on my Ravelry page as usual. It might, in time, include details there about how I made them, but it will probably read more as notes than a complete recipe...

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