Sunday, March 21, 2010

Easel card and vanilla extract for Celina

I've been dying to have a go at an easel card for months now, but somehow I always end up doing the same thing every time. Good thing I have lots of friends turning 30 this year - I'm finally getting that little kick in the rear I need to move out of my comfort zone. It's so much fun to do something extra for their big day!
Ok, so I might have gone a little over the top with the flowers and Stickles here... :) It's a reaction to the two very masculine cards I just did. It just becomes instantly nescessary to jump to the exact opposite!
A very simple layout on the reverse side of the card using scraps and my personal stamp. On the last side, which is now resting on the table, I used the MS punches to make a simple mat for writing.
For the actual gift, I filled a small bottle with my homemade vanilla extract. I hope she can put it to good use!

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  1. Så fint det ble, Eva! Moro å se hvordan det endte opp med å bli til slutt! :D


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