Monday, March 22, 2010

Ice cream box cozies!

Anyone else longing for summer? I know I do! Now that the temperature no longer dips below zero at night and the sun has had a real go at melting all the huge piles of snow everywhere, spring fever has hit me. It's been the best winter we've had for years and a part of me is sad to see it go, but I think it also means we'll enjoy this spring and summer even more than usual. :)
So to prepare for the impending heat wave (well, it could happen??) I've made two cozies for Häagen-Dazs ice cream boxes! No more nasty melted ice cream! And no more frozen fingers. :P Great stashbuster project - and it took exactly one skein to make each cozy. Perfect!. :) The lilac one doesn't quite reach the edge of the ice cream box because of the extreme reaction to the machine wash, but I've decided not to stretch it more - who wants wool fibres to find their way into their ice cream anyway?
I also made one in my last skein of light green mix. I added one row of slip stitches in a left over strand of dark Eskimo - but that looked better before felting.
Crocheted in Eskimo on 6 mm hook and felted in washing machine. For the details, check out my Ravelry project page!

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  1. What a fantastic project! they look really fab,
    Love Sarita xx


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