Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Feeling the love!

I recently gathered up some courage and added a hit counter to my blog. I must admit, I've been hesitant to do so... Quite simply, I was afraid to be disappointed, feeling that I write all this stuff just for my close friends and a few more. So, having no idea of how many people who actually comes to visit my tiny little space here on the www, I found myself astonished to see the number reach 1000 in a week! Needless to say, my jaw dropped to the floor and my heart sang a little song right there. ;) Honestly, if I had 50 hits a week I'd be pleased as punch, but one thousand?? Wow... Thank you so much, each and every one who visit!
And so for my first award! It came to me from Sarah at the After Craft blog, where I stumbled upon some very nice kanzashi flowers by the way. Thank you Sarah!
-I have a thing about privacy, especially on the internet. Once something is out there, you can never take it back! That's the reason why I always watermark my photos and don't really share personal details or photos. So I'm skipping the parts of the award instructions about "seven secrets", and quite simply say thank you so much!

I'll be leaving for a little easter vacation soon, but I'm currently working on a couple of scheduled posts for those of you who still find yourselves in a place with an internet connection. Personally, I'll treasure the abcence of it for a few days... :)

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