Thursday, March 11, 2010

Not just for the guys!

It pains me to push my kanzashi sunflowers post down from the top of my blog, but it had to happen some time... The vibrant yellow colour was a real energy boost and a natural mood enhancer. Sheer bliss. And just look what I'm replacing it with! ;) Don't get me wrong, despite this card belonging to a less cheery colour family, I still like it very much. Most cards (including mine) are cute and cuddly and flowery, this one definitely stands apart! You might recognise the materials from this card posted not long ago. I threw in some white in this card, and finally got the perfect opportunity to use my inverted scalloped circle dies. Look how it mirrors the shape of the silver Punchinella! Janne is actually 40 years old, but the 32 years written on the card is an inside joke between giver and recipient. How cute. :)
Ok, now I need to get a brighter card done in a hurry - I'm having spring fever and craving colour!


  1. Thank you for participating in my blog candy, and nice that you will be provided!
    Hugs Mette

  2. Hei:)
    Veldig hyggelig at du vil være med på candyen min.

  3. Og mottaker ble veldig glad for kortet! :-)


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