Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fulled red basket

Here's the first installment in my new "felting with Eskimo" series - there are a few more projects like these lined up for next week you see. I've had a whole table full of drying wool baskets the last couple of days! The first project I'd like to share is a basket crocheted in a rust-coloured mix yarn. I used three skeins for this one, so it's a decent size despite shrinking like crazy in the machine. For the details, check out my Ravelry page.
This particular colour is so difficult to describe! When examined closely, the yarn reveals strands in bright red, blue, green and yellow, and the overall impression is something red-brown-ish... After the machine felting it changed quite dramaticly: the blue fibres are apparently long and have been contained within the stitches, while the red, green and yellow fibres seem to be shorter and therefore sticks out in every direction. The result is a soft red-ish fuzz with little firm bumps in clear blue. I can't stop stearing at it. ;)

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