Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ice decorations

I've actually posted these once before, but thought they deserved a new look. We've had stable, low temperatures for a quite a while now and they have decorated my veranda for a couple of weeks already. They have become something of a winter tradition of mine. I used to be able to make snow lanterns, but that's a bit tricky when all I have is a veranda... These are a brilliant replacement tradition!
The original idea came from Margie at Resurrection Fern, who used lace doilies for her decorations. I had some crochet snowflakes lying in a drawer and used those.
Once you've got your crochet snowflakes or doilies, soak them through with water and place in a round container with a flat bottom. Leave a string outside the container so you have something to hang them from. Place containers outside and fill with enough water to cover the snowflakes, about a cm or two should do it. Remember that water expands when freezing, so make sure that your containers kan take the strain. Most plastics or metals should work - just make sure to avoid the fine china. ;)
Let the container sit outside overnight and display your new ornaments! If they melt you can just refreeze them as soon as the temperatures drop.
-I'm taking a blogging break for the holidays, but don't worry! As I'm writing this I've already got 14 posts pre-scheduled, so there should be enough happening here anyway. ;) All those christmas gifts can finally be revealed... Merry christmas to you all!

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