Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just-for-fun time-lapse video!

It's been a long time since I did a time-lapse video, and one morning the beautiful weather inspired me to have another go at it. It's a simple set-up of my Canon camera and Texas Instruments calculator, and there's an easy tutorial on Instructables on how to write the calculator program that commands your camera to take a picture at your desired interval. It also gives some hints to the recommended camera settings. The images in this video were taken at just under four second intervals and stitched together in MonkeyJam. There's quite a lot more snow now, but Blogger has categorically refused to upload any and all videos lately. I'm crossing my fingers that this one actually works... I won't believe it until I see it posted!

So some time I really have to get around to making a time-lapse of something more interesting. I've had a few ideas, and have actually made a time-lapse video of a friend's wedding ceremony, but otherwise neglected the concept despite loving the many time-lapse videos out there. Also, I need to learn to add sound, and probably how to embed the video from YouTube. I'm getting tired with Blogger's lousy video uploader...

If you want to have a look at the set-up you can check out my first time-lapse post. That video shows a very similar view, but it was shot over a longer time span, as darkness fell and the green houses lit up. Have I mentioned that I love the view from my appartment? :) Its' so cozy and inviting - green in the summer and glowing in the winter. :)

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