Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DIY table centerpieces

For my birthday celebration I wanted flower centerpieces for the table. I found some cheap potted roses at the garden center and snipped off all the stems with flowers and flower buds. To my surprise, most of them were still looking good even after three days!
These bottles and glasses used to hold olive oil, taco sauce, pesto, jam, pasta sauces and all sorts of other stuff. Bandaid remover is a good solution for getting rid of the most stubborn labels, by the way. A few tied ribbons later they are cute little vases and candle holders! I arranged two bottle groups on my dinner table and still had enough for a group on the coffee table inside. To create some connection between all these different shapes and sizes I restricted myself to only clear glass, and glued the same ribbon (the same as on the invitations) near the bottom of every piece. On a side note - you can also see a couple of the kanzashi flowers I blogged about on Sunday.
I have to say I was very pleased! It didn't cost much and looked really cute. Both colours and style fitted my theme perfectly.

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