Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tsumami Kanzashi party decorations

All the cabins in our area are built in the same style. So how to make our own easily identifyable for my guests? Personalise the entrance of course! Many of my friends have seen me making other kanzashi flowers before (sunflower brooches and National Day brooch), and instantly recognised my work. That's actually really flattering, I think. :)
I made a whole stack of flowers! It was a nice activity for the quiet times during night shifts. Some of them were simply laid on the tables as decoration, and a couple were attatched to the door handles (to identify the bath rooms).
They look a bit wonky now, having been stuffed into a bag and brought home... For a tutorial on this particular folding technique, check out this excerpt from the book Kanzashi in Bloom.

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  1. Dear Eva, I love lace, love doing my job well. Comments When you translate words is ridiculous. So you're right.
    What was so beautiful flowers. In the hands of health. :)


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