Monday, July 12, 2010

Limoncello experiment part two

What's that? You want a card post, you say? Well, okay then. Check back on Wednesday. ;) Until then you'll have to endure even more yellow photos! *moahahahah*
The alcohol and lemon peels have been steeping for just over three weeks, and my limoncello experiment has now entered its second stage. I had a tiny little taste, just to get a feel for how it's developing, and YOWZA! 60% alcohol and a bunch of lemon peels made for a seriously tounge-searing combination! Phew, I think I'll have to treat this stuff with care. Assuming, of course, that it becomes at all drinkable in the end. ;) I removed and filtered (using this technique again) 2 x 50 ml of the mixture before adding a simple syrup to the rest. So cool - it turned cloudy and opaque immediately! Just look at the difference from the unsweetned stuff. :) Now alcohol, peels and syrup need at least another week to rest before the third and final stage.
Seriously, I think I'll have to make a "yellow" label category soon. It's just such a bright, happy colour - I feel better every time I look at my yellow photos! Everything looks better when photographed against a yellow polkadot tablecloth. ;)
Soundtrack: Gwyneth Herbert: Annie's Yellow Bag. (of course. ;) )

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  1. Those are beautiful little bottles. They look like they are nip sized, is that so or am I misjudging the scale?


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