Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DIY knife display

My dad has a few nice knives, some of them inherited and really old, and he would like to put them on display somehow. The idea of using an old pair of denim trousers and a belt was something he had come across somewhere, so I have noone to credit, unfortunately. He trusted me to find a way to execute this idea and I must admit I struggled with it for a long time... But one day I remembered a deep-edged canvas I bought on sale a long time ago (with something completely different in mind) and in three days the whole thing came together in a flash. And it was a big hit!
I ripped out the seams holding the belt straps and relocated them close to the back on each side and one in the center for added stability. I looks more like actual denim trousers with that one belt strap in the front too. The single knife doing the modeling here is actually one I've made myself. It's not the most amazing piece of craftmanship, but considering that I was only twelve when I made it, it's not bad at all! In fact, I really love it - and it's not a part of his gift, no way. :)
The denim fabric is stretched over the canvas and nailed to the wood frame. The corners were tricky, as there is a little bit of stretch in these trousers and they stretch more one way than the other... As a result, they are slightly bulky, but because of the thick belt there was little point in getting them completely flat anyway. I settled for the best I could do.
Here's a side view showing how the belt is buckled behind the frame. I stitched a piece of trouser leg fabric to the top of the trousers so I had something to cover the top edge of the canvas with - that allowed the waist line to line up with the top of the canvas front. As an unexpected bonus, it made finishing the top corners really neat and easy.
This piece of jewlery wire passes through the belt buckle and is attatched to the inside of the wood frame at the top and bottom. This pulls the buckle forward, "into" the frame, thereby preventing it from pushing the canvas away from the wall.
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