Saturday, February 19, 2011

Testing, testing... One!

These three cards each measure 10cm x 10cm, and have been made mostly for training purposes. I was lucky enough to spot a set of aquarel pencils and paper at 50% off and just couldn't resist, even though I rarely use these kind of stamps. My hope is that they can be a suppliment to my much beloved Prismacolour pencils, and be used in those conditions where the Prismas are a little tricky.

I decided to colour the same stamp in a couple of varieties, testing techniques and hopefully gain some skills. I have to say, it's difficult! I miss the control I have with my Prismas, and the possibilities of layering and highlighting are very limited with the aquarels. Once a layer is down it's difficult to blend darker shades into it, and it's imperative to start with the lighest colours, as it is impossible to use those later on. Some of these limitations are probably a result of my lack of skills, so I'm determined to stay with them for a while longer before I give up. Ahem... I mean, until I have mastered the technique! Yup.

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